high bay vs low bay

High Bay / Low Bay are lighting terms used to describe the correct bay lights needed for the appropriate ceiling height. Historically, perhaps the Low Bay was ‘flat white box light,’ and a High Bay was a pendant type high bay while the physical properties were ignored? Heavy-duty lighting projects, like those often done in […]

dimming types of lights

Choosing the right dimmer for different bulb and capsule light types is very important and can be difficult if you are not informed. A dimmer is used to adjust the level of brightness in any room, which can create a wide range of lighting moods. Dimmers can create more accommodating lighting and help you save […]

LED Wavelength

What is the wavelength? Wavelength is used to differentiate colored, UV and IR LEDs, but not white LEDs. The wavelength of an LED is determined by the semiconductor material used within it. When choosing your LED, the wavelength value will give you an idea of the color of the light it’s going to emit. Choosing […]

surge protection device lighting led

Surge Protector is usually asked by clients to protect the outdoor lighting fixtures, such as LED street light, LED Flood Light, LED shoebox light, LED tunnel light and so on. Compared with the IP grade, CRI( color rendering index), CCT(color temperature), the SPD(Surge protection device) is neglected by most clients when they make orders. When […]

Package of LED High Bay Light

Most clients pay much attention to the quality of the LED High Bay lights. However, few clients pay attention to the LED High Bay Lights’ package–A very important procedure but usually neglected by manufacturers and clients. To make all our clients have a further understand about Fireflier Lighting, we are going to share our LED […]

LED High Bay Driver voltage

Before ordering the LED High Bay Lights, except the color temperature, power, beam angle, there is one factor which is ignored by most clients—The Input Voltage. Even nowadays LED High Bay Light drivers are designed with a wide input range from 100-240V, there are still some areas where a different voltage is needed. For example, […]

A lot of time we are asked what is the equivalent LED product to convert from Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor. And a lot of time, we have a product in mind that works based on past experience. But how did we come up with that product, and how did we make […]

lighting levels

“I think to offer to warehouse and factory side your Pioneer LED Linear High Bay Lamps. Not needed to change one to one, better if offered qty is less than existing. Please check with what power Pioneers are optimal? To office areas we need to offer 595×595 panels (total 60pcs). Please check with what power […]

Ensuring quality LED high bay lights, bulbs, and lighting fixtures mean deploying rigorous quality control equipment and testing standards. At Fireflier Lighting, we have put into place a production and QC process that ensures power efficient LED products that last longer and deliver unmatched lighting. Today, we will introduce you to LED light testing equipment and […]

utilization factor tables

The utilization factor tables are useful for determining the number of luminaires of the same kind to be used within the room given an average illuminance value. Elements in the Table Reflectance factors: these are the reflectance factors of the ceiling, frieze, walls and work plane and are to be considered as percentages multiplied by […]