Dusk to Dawn Lights

In some areas, you specifically need lights only for nighttime operation. Our dusk to dawn lights are a fantastic option that will give you the results you expect. There are many advantages to using these fixtures over more traditional options. The main feature is the fixtures’ built in ability to turn itself on at dusk, and back off as soon as it senses sunlight; saving on your energy bill. Also, their durable construction provides a great level of reliability in any situation, making them perfect for outdoor use. With resistance to weather and debris, they will function for years, giving you the light you need to guide the way when the sun goes down.

quickship from USA

  • Dusk to Dawn Light 80W 100W 120W

    Available in USA stock, fast shipment from the USA to the whole North America. Dusk to Dawn Light 80W 100W 120W power range are available, 5000K, IP65, and 120degree beam angle.

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